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Dorozhkin, S. I., Smet, J. H., von Klitzing, K., Umansky, V., Wegscheider, W., Haug, R. J. & Ploog, K.  (2002): Measurements of the compressibility of the composite fermion metallic state in a 2D electron system , Physica E 12, 97--100

F. Hohls, U. Zeitler & R. J. Haug (2002): Conductance fluctuations at the quantum Hall plateau transition, Phys. Rev. B 66, 073304 (2002) more

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H. W. Schumacher, J. Ferre, J. P. Jamet, A. Thiaville, V. Mathet, C. Chappert, J. Wunderlich, F. Cayssol, D. Ravelosona & R. J. Haug (2002): Control of the magnetic domain wall propagation in Pt/Co/Pt ultra thin films using direct mechanical AFM lithography, J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 240, 53--56 (2002)

Haendel, K. M., Lenz, C., Denker, U., Schmidt, O. G., Eberl, K. & Haug, R. J.  (2002): Transport measurements of valence band holes in p-type SiGe quantum well structure containing Ge quantum dots , Physica E 13, 757--760

Hapke-Wurst, I., Zeitler, U., Haug, R. J. & Pierz, K.  (2002): Mapping the g factor anisotropy of InAs self-assembled quantum dots , Physica E 12, 802--805

Hohls, F., Zeitler, U. & Haug, R. J.  (2002): Hopping conductivity in the quantum Hall effect: Revival of universal scaling , Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 036802 more

Hohls, F., Zeitler, U. & Haug, R. J.  (2002): Variable-range hopping in the quantum Hall regime , Physica E 12, 670--673

Hohls, F., Zeitler, U., Haug, R. J., Meisels, R., Dybko, K. & Kuchar, F.  (2002): Dynamical scaling of the quantum Hall plateau transition , Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 276801 more

J. Könemann, P. König, E. McCann, V. I. Fal'ko & R. J. Haug (2002): Correlations in the local density of states probed by single electron tunneling, Physica E 12, 853--856 (2002)

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Könemann, J., König, P. & Haug, R. J.  (2002): Spin-resolved transport in single-electron tunneling , Physica E 13, 675--678

Nauen, A., Hapke-Wurst, I., Hohls, F., Zeitler, U., Haug, R. J. & Pierz, K.  (2002): Shot noise in self-assembled InAs quantum dots , Phys. Rev. B 66, 161303 more

Nauen, A., Könemann, J., Zeitler, U., Hohls, F. & Haug, R. J.  (2002): Shot noise in tunneling through single localized states , Physica E 12, 865--867

Nauen, A., Zeitler, U., Haug, R. J., Jansen, A. G. M., Dilger, M. & Eberl, K.  (2002): Magnetoresistance of a modulated two-dimensional electron gas in a parallel magnetic field , Physica E 13, 732--735

Oesterschulze, E., Malave, A., Keyser, U. F., Paesler, M. & Haug, R. J.  (2002): Diamond cantilever with integrated tip for nanomachining , Diamond Relat. Mater. 11, 667--671

Pierz, K., Ma, Z., Hapke-Wurst, I., Keyser, U. F., Zeitler, U. & Haug, R. J.  (2002): Influence of the size of self-assembled InAs/AlAs quantum dots on photoluminescence and resonant tunneling , Physica E 13, 761--764

Regul, J., Reuter, D., Oesterschulze, E., Malave, A., Haug, R. J., Zeitler, U., Hohls, F., Paesler, M., Keyser, U. F. & Wieck, A. D.  (2002): Fabrication of quantum point contacts by engraving GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures with a diamond tip , Appl. Phys. Lett. 81, 2023--2025 more

Schulze-Wischeler, F., Zeitler, U., Hohls, F., Haug, R. J., Reuter, D. & Wieck, A. D.  (2002): Phonon excitation of a two-dimensional electron system around nu = 1 , Physica E 12, 474--477

U. F. Keyser, R. J. Borck, R. J. Haug, M. Bichler, G. Abstreiter & W. Wegscheider (2002): Aharonov-Bohm oscillations of a tuneable quantum ring, Semicond. Sci. Technol. 17, L22--L24 (2002)

Vyshenski, S. V., Zeitler, U. & Haug, R. J.  (2002): Steps on Current–Voltage Characteristics of a Silicon Quantum Dot Covered by Natural Oxide , JETP Letters 76 (9), 568 more

Zeitler, U., Hapke-Wurst, I., Sarkar, D., Haug, R. J., Frahm, H., Pierz, K. & Jansen, A. G. M.  (2002): High magnetic fields in semiconductor nanostructures: Spin effects in single InAs quantum dots , Advances In Solid State Physics 42 42, 3--12


Claus Fühner  (2002): Magneto-Transport Investigation on Multi-Electron Quantum Dots: Coulomb Blockade, Kondo Effect, and Fano Regime. more

Isabella Hapke-Wurst  (2002): Resonanter Magnetotransport durch selbstorganisierte InAs Quantenpunkte. more

Ulrich F. Keyser  (2002): Nanolithography with an atomic force microscope: quantum point contacts, quantum dots, and quantum rings. more


Alexander Mühle  (2002): Charakterisierung und Strukturierung einer GaN/AlGaN-Heterostruktur.

Cefa Karabag  (2002): Circular Photogalvanic Effect in Quantum Wells.

Christian Fricke  (2002): Zeitaufgelöste Transportmessungen in Corbinogeometrie.