Gruppe Haug

The group of Prof. Rolf Haug has a long-standing experience in the field of nanostructured semiconductors with a focus on the properties of electron systems in reduced dimension. Present research topics cover e.g. the integer and fractional quantum Hall effect in 2d, dynamical transport in one-dimensional quantum wires, interaction effects and dynamics in (0d) quantum dots, and coupled quantum systems with multiple relevant dimensions. These effects are examined in a number of different semiconductor material systems with a recent extension to the new and exciting material graphene.

Most devices under study are manufactured within the group using advanced lithography techniques like electron beam and AFM nano-lithography. The electronic properties of the low-dimensional electron systems are studied in different transport measurements like nonlinear spectroscopy, frequency resolved conductance measurements up to GHz frequencies, frequency resolved noise measurements and time resolved transport experiments down to ns resolution. These experiments can be performed in a temperature range from 10 mK to room temperature with applied magnetic fields up to 20 T.