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Spin dynamics in isotopically purified silicon (RTG1991)

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This project comprises the experimental optical investigation of the spin dynamics in isotopically purified silicon via optical laser spectroscopy at low temperatures. The hyperfine-induced spin decoherence of localized, phosphor bound electrons can be massively prolonged by isotopically enriching the nuclear spin-free isotope 28Si, which is a prerequisite in a potential solid-state spin based quantum information processing. The samples are provided via collaborations and this work focusses on the experimental investigation of the complex spin dynamics in an advanced laboratory environment.

Requirements: We expect an appropriate academic education with a master degree or equivalent in physics with exceptional marks – preferably in solid state physics or quantum optics – a broad interest in physics, and good speaking and writing skills in English.

For application please send (as one PDF file):

  • Application letter motivating your interest with a summary of your educational background.
  • A detailed curriculum vitae.
  • Copies of current degrees, certificates, and university transcripts.
  • At least one letter/statement of support.
  • Further information can be found on

to until the 13th of August 2017

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Michael Oestreich, Institute of Physics, Leibniz Universität Hannover

The research training group 1991 merges research groups from experimental & theoretical physics with internationally recognized expertise in the fields of solid state physics, quantum optics, gravitational physics, and quantum information with the aim to explore the exciting effects of quantum mechanical noise in complex systems. The RTG is founded by the German Science Foundation and offers new PhD positions (paid acc. E13 75%) starting from October 2017 for young researchers. Equal opportunities for women in research are supported.


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